JUNE 1st - Steps to Self-Compassion
— If your life doesn't seem to flow and things are not working in your best interests, maybe it's time to understand why? This workshop can help you understand some basic steps to self-awareness and self-compassion, so that you can create the life you desire. This is one day workshop co-facilitated by Mary Trumpfheller and Tisha Lankamp on Saturday June 1st from 9:30am-4:00pm at Grand Haven Community Center 421 Columbus Ave. Grand Haven, MI $60. For more information or to register please contact Mary at (616) 846-1967 mjacobstrump@charter.net or Tisha at (616) 638-0972 tlankamp1977@gmail.com

Inner Pathways I Another popular workshop designed to develop the intuition; active and passive meditation; how to gain personal insights and wisdom; how to recognize the language of the soul; and how to gain a deeper awareness into your own psychic gifts. This class will also train you in the basic concepts of energy healing, which are further developed in Inner Pathways II. This is a six week course, one night per week.

Inner Pathways II This is an advanced course following Inner Pathways I which is a prerequisite. It will teach you how to go deeper into your own center understanding your own power (energy) to utilize your own healing gifts. Working with your Master Teacher is also a part of this second part course. This course is very intensive and has a lot of deep mediation and guided imagery work included in it. This is a four week course.


A Dream Interpretation A very popular workshop designed to teach you how to interpret your own dreams for understanding, guidance, and self-awarenss. The unconscious is a storehouse of knowledge that we can learn to use not only for guidance in our daily life events, but also to awaken to the power of the unconscious. The gifts of your Higher Self are available through opening to the messages in your dreams and once you can decipher these nightly, sometime bizarre, dramas, you will learn to see the true messages hidden inside of them. This is a six week course, one night per week.

Introduction to Astrology — This is a six week course that will offer you a basic understanding of the complex art of astrology. It starts with learning about the energy of the planets that tell what energy is operating; then moves into the signs that tell how the energy operates; and then into the houses of the zodiac that tell where the energy operates. You will learn to see that each and every person has their own unique astrological "map," or birth chart that indicates an individual energy pattern. You will come to understand that astrology is a complex art, and is helpful tool for understanding yourself and others. At this time, the class will be scheduled depending on interest and enrollment, therefore check with Mary via email. Private classes are also available.

For pricing on these workshops
contact Mary at (616) 846-1967