WELCOME TO INNER PATHWAYS, and thank you for showing interest in my site and who Mary is, as well as what sets me apart from others in the field.

Let me begin with my mission statement:

It is my intention to use the art and science of Astrology as a guidance system for daily life and personal growth. I do not believe in absolute prediction since we all create our own reality. I do believe we all have spiritual “tools” available that can guide and direct us into more of who we can be, and where we can go, that best suits our spiritual destiny. I believe that our choices and environment have a direct impact on our life path and that we have a personal story or psychology behind us that can be better understood with the use of Astrology. My goal is to use this gift with sincerity, integrity, and to use both my knowledge and experience wisely and conscientiously.

Now allow me to give you some personal background and current information that will give you a closer picture into who I am… I have been a life long student of metaphysical theory and Astrology while continually developing my intuitive abilities, privately and with clients.

I began my professional work in 1985 after 10 years of research, study, and practice in all things metaphysical and spiritual. As I continued to do my Astlogical and Intuitive work, I discovered that my style of interpretaton was more spiritual and psychological, and felt strongly that this was my direction. During the 90's, I was asked to do speaking engagements and write Astological columns for two publications. Over the years, I  have been blessed to have serve people all over the country, as wll as in England and Puerto Rico, and my clientelle still reaches out all over the US. I continue to do this work because I find it to be a blessing and a joy, and am grateful for all those who I have served, or will serve in the future.

I have three beautiful daughters and six grandchildren and a loving husband. I am blessed also to live on Lake Michigan and have deer and other animals that live all around, and who offer their magnificent energy for those who come here. During the winter months I live in Florida and I am able to continue my work from there. I am always giving gratitude for the wealth of blessings in my life.

I love to read, bike, hike, kayak and go on adventure trips learning about other cultures that create this wonderful world we live in. I hope you know more about me now, and if I can be of service to you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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