I will interpret you personal natal (birth) chart based on your birth date, time and place.  It will be sent either through email or will be recorded on a CD and mailed to you. Unless you would want an astrological counseling session with me, there is no need to be present for this service. Following is a list of astrological tapes for you or yours:

Natel Interpretations — This interpretive reading gives an overview of your inherent personality traits, your strengths and potential, or where there are unconscious patterns of self-limitation. The Natal Chart can indicate where one can advance in life or where you might get "stuck." This reading can indicate where you might find the most potential in a career or job, in relationships, finances, marriage and where to place your goals and objective so that you can achieve fulfillment and success. It can be used to career guidance for all ages, or when or where to make moves in a job or career; also, when and where to relocate or move from one home to another. These readings can be used by parents in the understanding of their children, from infancy to puberty in order to help the children on their own journey, or how best to understand their behavior and create a better environment. (Prior to 16 years of age, the reading is directed to the parents.) The Natal Chart is a multi-layered storehouse or information and must not be overlooked because of its esoteric ability to assist in self-awareness and "life support." (includes word chart this time) Cost: $100

Transit Interpretations This is a follow up to having had your Natal Chart interpretation done by me or any other professional astrologer (this does not include an astrological written report from online services.)
A Transit reading is considered an interpretation on present life situations and includes an overview of how planetary (moving) energies are aligning with your Natal Chart. This is sometimes referred to as an "update" since it provides information for the present time and into the coming year. It can help you understand your present cycle of life and also know when this is a time to "take action and a time to be patient." The reading begins with a conceptual overview of your life for the coming year, them moves into a more in-depth look at the 12 months ahead. The narrative takes you on a journey with the moving planets as they transit the areas of your birth chart that correlate to partucular areas of life. (includes word chart this time) Cost: $100


Synastry or Compatibility Chart Interpretation This astrological interpretation assists you in understanding your relationship with another individuals. It can help you gain insight into how your energy/personality resonates with another person's energy/personality. This can be applied to relationship issues within families, with co--workers, in friendships or in any type of a relationship where this is ongoing interaction. It is often used for couples considering long term commitment. Cost: $150

To order CD's please mail your birth date information (date, time and place) along with your email address, phone number and check to:

Mary Trumpfheller
18320 North Shore Estates
Spring Lake, MI 49456
phone: (616) 846-1967

Allow two weeks for delivery unless notfied otherwise (all checks are held until delivery.) *It is helpful to note questions or areas of life that your are interested in, also if you are presently in a relationship and do or not have children.